The Thrive Parent’s Bill of Rights for Feeding Therapy

May 4, 2020

Posted in: Feeding, Feeding Tube Weaning

When it comes to learning to eat, the parent and the child are inextricably linked. Feeling safe and connected is at the core of eating, and should also be at the core of all feeding therapies that are aimed at helping your child overcome their feeding challenges. Many parents come to us feeling uncertain of their role in the therapy that is designed to help their children become competent, healthy, and happy eaters. They often feel left out of the process or don’t know how to be more involved. Often they see “progress” in the clinic that they just can’t replicate at home. Sometimes they have gut instincts about certain interventions, but don’t know what their role is in the process. They end up letting the experts take the lead when in fact there is no expert more knowledgeable about a child then their own mother or father. Years and years of research teach us that when therapy includes the parents, the outcomes are undeniably better. We also see this play out time and again with the children and families we work with. When parents are included and play a primary role in therapy, children do better with eating.  

We created this Parent’s Bill of Rights to help parents take the steps they need to help themselves and their child navigate the world of feeding therapy.