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A few hours after my son was born he had a medical emergency that caused him to undergo some invasive and uncomfortable procedures. This made him not want to eat. I was able to get some amazing Feeding Coaching over the phone from a licensed feeding therapist. I was so impressed with their real-world, non-judgmental, and trauma-sensitive advice. It made a huge difference, and we were able to turn my son's eating around and now he is a thriving toddler who loves food.

Rachel B.
Woodstock, GA

Spectrum Pediatrics changed our lives. Every time I think about them, I almost cry with JOY. When you have a tube fed child and every GI tells you that it will be YEARS before they eat and then they go from 100% G tube dependent to 100% orally fed in less than 10 days it is nothing short of miraculous. Jenny and the entire team know EXACTLY what they are doing. Our child is an AMAZING eater now. Do not lose hope. Do not think that your child will throw up and be tube fed forever! Call their tube weaning program TODAY. The staff is amazing, and the results are even better. A year and a half later our child is still a happy enthusiastic eater who has gained so much weight eating orally. She is normal and we are so grateful!


It's our one year anniversary of being tube free. I remember leaving for VA like it was yesterday. I can't believe how far [my child] has come. I will forever be grateful to both of you for saving [my child] from tube dependency, and for healing all of us, most of all me. Here's our little eater - 20 months - and doing amazing. Love and gratitude always

David M.

Thank you-- [my child] literally never would have done it without you. When we met with you, we had been stuck far too long on working on the tedious mechanics of chewing, and she had no interest in food whatsoever. You completely changed our tactics and priorities and it's made all the difference.

Kary M.

“No matter where I am in our tube weaning journey, I will always hold onto hope." This is the quote that I plastered everywhere as our family started our journey in 2019. Our daughter, (21 months at the time) had never taken anything by mouth. We had 18 months of failed office therapy. I had been searching for different therapies and I came across an Instagram blogger who shared her journey with Thrive and I finally had hope. My husband and I were excited and scared at the same time. All the what if's raced through our minds. All those fears subsided when we first met the most committed, caring, talented, and knowledge therapist, Brie, who changed all of our lives forever. We felt so much support throughout our program and learned valuable lessons that we continue to use. To watch the transformation in [my child] was so inspiring. [My child] learned what hunger was and Brie helped her to make the connection that food was what will make her feel better when her energy is low. By the time Brie was ready to leave us, we felt confident that we were armed with all the tools that we needed to help [my child] succeed. Any concerns or questions we had Brie was very prompt in responding, we always felt supported. It was not long that [my child] was ready to start eating all her meals by mouth and no longer needed supplementation via tube. The wean provided [my child] with an opportunity to feel safe with food and know what to predict at each mealtime. It also provided our family an opportunity to define what our mealtime should look like and what we can do to make mealtime safe, predictable, and pressure free. I do not think I will ever find the right words to say how grateful we are to Brie. She [my child's] therapist and cheerleader. We are forever thankful to Thrive for developing such a successful program that is literally life changing.

Evie T.

I've left Tennessee without a tube fed baby.
This experience has been nothing short of a miracle.
She believed in us when no one else did. She was patient,
she was kind, she was so smart, and most of all she showed me that
she loved [my child] and that [my child] was capable of eating orally.
I had 6 doctors tell me that this would never work, that tube weaning was
cruel, that [my child] would remain on a tube for years. I knew better. I fought
them and fought them because I felt the tube was no longer helping [my child] but hurting her and I started searching until I found something. Thank God I found you…
I believe in you just as much as you believed in us. 

I've left Tennessee without a tube fed baby. This experience has been nothing short of a miracle. She believed in us when no one else did. She was patient, she was kind, she was so smart, and most of all she showed me that she loved [my child] and that [my child] was capable of eating orally. I had 6 doctors tell me that this would never work, that tube weaning was cruel, that [my child] would remain on a tube for years. I knew better. I fought them and fought them because I felt the tube was no longer helping [my child] but hurting her and I started searching until I found something. Thank God I found you…

I believe in you just as much as you believed in us. 

Maria R.

Talking with Rachel made me realize truly how far we’ve come. [My child] is the best in his class at spoon and fork usage. Love to you and all you do. Thanks for helping us and everyone with a problem that hurts your heart.

Rebecca M.
Floral Park, NY

We are tube free!!!!! Thanks to Spectrum Pediatrics. After losing hope and thinking we had to resort to a G-tube, our wonderful amazing GI recommended Spectrum. This team was and still are an invaluable part of our sons eating journey. They thought us how to stay steadfast in this incredibly difficult journey of getting our son off the NG tube, but we are so happy to have made it to this point where he's eating fries and pasta on his own. Spectrum Pediatrics are especially meaningful to our family by giving us this opportunity to be able to learn how to feed our son. I can't thank them enough. They are incredibly a talented feeding team that ensured our son was going to be tube free and ready to learn to eat. I am grateful to have such a committed feeding team at our side. We were so happy with this experience.

Erin E.

[My child] has a field trip and for the first time ever she got to go instead of staying behind and getting a tube feeding instead.

Amy B.
Chappaqua, NY

Spectrum Pediatrics is an amazing organization. They helped our son achieve what most doctors said he never would - eat by mouth. Our son was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder which caused multiple serious medical issues and abnormalities and developmental delays. Feeding him was extremely difficult due to his bilateral cleft lip and palate and neurological issues. He had a G-tube place at 2 months of age due to failure to thrive. At 18 months we felt he was ready to learn to eat by mouth. By this time though he was so food adverse that he would puke at the sight of food on a spoon. He wouldn't take anything by mouth. Despite doubt from our doctors that he would be capable of learning to eat, we decided to try an intensive feeding tube wean with Spectrum Pediatrics. They were able to help us undo (in 7 days) the damage the tube had done over 16 months. The Spectrum team (especially the Owner, Jennifer) were very professional and caring throughout the entire processes. They were also available and reachable whenever we had questions whether it was before the wean, during, or several months after. They truly care about the kids they work with. They were confident in their evaluation process and throughout the wean themselves. They literally kept me sane while we taught our son how to eat. We live in NY and traveled to Virginia to work with Spectrum Pediatrics. It was somewhat of a long way to travel but I would do it again if needed, in a heartbeat. They literally changed my family's life.

Stefanie V.

You are so valuable, I have to tell the world about you. I hope you know that what you do is a miracle.

Rebecca P.

I cannot thank [your team] enough for this, his doctor asked “What does he eat?” at his check up and my answer was, “What does he not eat??” I’m so relieved and happy!

Maryanna B.

Thanks so much again for everything you did for us, I’m sure he’d still be tube fed if not for Spectrum.

Pam M.
Lawrenceville, GA

Spectrum Pediatrics is an incredible organization that holistically equips tube dependent children, and families, to leave the tube behind. After a year and a half of unsuccessful speech therapy and facing behavioral modification to teach my son to eat volitionally, we found Spectrum and our journey to tube freedom began. While allowing our son to feel hunger, Jennifer patiently taught our son that he could eat and there was nothing to fear. As much as our little boy needed his mind transformed to eat, we needed our minds transformed to let him. Watching Jennifer and learning from her enabled us to leave the tube behind. The therapists at Spectrum are kind, patient, and push when need be (sometimes tube dependent parents need to be pushed to believe that their child can eat.) They also sincerely love the children they work with, which was evident not only in the way they interacted with my son, but to the other parents I have spoken with since our wean. I am forever grateful to Jennifer and her team and would recommend this program to any family walking through a season of tube dependency with their child. Spectrum gave our family hope, hope to believe that our son could eat without the use of forced behavioral modification. Today, my 5-year-old eats when he is hungry, stops when he is full, and makes the biggest mess with a glass full of milk and chocolate chip cookies I have ever seen. And we are beyond blessed.

Ruth S.

I love what Spectrum has done for my family. I'll never stop being grateful! Our tube wean with Heidi at Spectrum was amazing. Heidi gave us so much reassurance and hope for my daughter's future, and taught us how to support [her] as she learned how to eat. I wish our local hospitals and insurance companies would realize the importance and absolute necessity of having tube weaning programs, but until then, Spectrum Pediatrics is one of the best in the country at what they do.


My best friend was asking
how the program was going.
I told him it was “life-changing.”

Katie C.

Thanks for teaching us so much and being a huge part of making our family happier and healthier than we’ve been in a long time.

Melanie D.
Alexandria, VA

We hired Spectrum Pediatrics for my child's speech delays and eating/texture issues. The owner and her associate arrived at my house to evaluate my child and really did a wonderful job interacting with him and our family, teaching us all the way. The therapist assigned to our family was so knowledgeable, professional, and fun. My son would wait at the front door for her and get so excited for his therapy sessions. He is doing so well now, and we continue to utilize their plans, protocols, and therapy games. I'm a healthcare professional too and watched and learned how I could help him with his sensory issues a little better. I had to relearn how to encourage and help my child get through some of his difficulties especially for feedings. It wasn't easy but together, we all worked toward our common goal of helping my son. I had to completely change my thinking from my first child and that wasn't easy! They sure do know their stuff and presented their evidence based researched information with respect, clarity, and patience. They still check on his progress even today and we are always invited back for their open houses and celebrations. This company is professional, internationally well-known, and respected. They are caring, always child centered and get results. I'm so glad we were referred to Spectrum.

Brian D.

The impact that [your team] had on their lives is monumental.

Suzanne M.
Alexandria, VA

Our family only has positive things to say about Spectrum Pediatrics. We first went to Spectrum for OT with our daughter and were pleasantly surprised to learn after 6 months that they recommended that she no longer needed OT. We really appreciated their candid assessment. So, when we had to find a speech therapist for our son, we went to Spectrum right away. They were quick to match us with the most wonderful speech therapist. Our son had a cleft lip and cleft palate and the Spectrum speech therapist jumped right in to work with him. She sat on the floor with him and engaged with him at every appointment. He looked forward to seeing her every week. She worked with us as parents to understand what we could do at home to help him. She continues to be as amazing as the first time we met her. She continues to go above and beyond for our son. She has researched techniques and ideas to continue to help him progress. We are so lucky to have continued to work with her consistently over 4+ years.

Stefanie V.
Marietta, GA

My son has been tube-free for over a year now because of Spectrum. I have not written a review until now because I struggle to find the proper words to show the depth of my gratitude. To this day, I find myself in awe sometimes as he eats, and I think of the genuine care Spectrum's Therapists bestowed upon both my son and myself throughout the entire hunger wean process. My son was born with food allergies, had RSV, hospitalizations, and surgery very early in his life which led to an oral aversion and need for a feeding tube. Multiple other therapists failed to help my son get off the tube when he no longer had a medical need for it. So, we had our son evaluated for a local behavioral wean program and knew immediately from the interaction with the Feeding Psychologist that it was not what our son needed. Additionally, that program costs over $60,000. We thought we had run out of options to help our son off the tube. Thankfully, a few days later, a stranger saw my son and told me about Spectrum. I called and spoke with Heidi. Something felt "right" when we spoke. "Teaching a child to eat without feeling hunger is like teaching that same child to swim in a pool without water," she'd said. I wanted so badly to believe Spectrum could help, but after all the let downs we'd experienced I wasn't sure I could totally trust anyone. I spoke with other parents, whose children weaned with Spectrum and listened to my instincts. During the home wean, I was hopeful and scared. Spectrum--Heidi and Jennifer, specifically--acted as an encouraging, stabilizing guide to safely help me wean my son. They were patiently and professionally involved every single step of the way, including post-wean follow-up. I absolutely could not have weaned my son without them! As time has passed, I see that I need not have been scared. The hunger wean process with Spectrum is evidenced-based, safe, and thorough. With the tube gone, we've been able to heal and bond more closely as a family. Spectrum gave me back a piece of my Motherhood. I am eternally grateful!

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