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When a child has a feeding challenge parents often feel lost and alone. Every expert, friend, and family member seemingly offers a different angle and a new set of opinions. With each new idea parents experience hope which is all-too-often followed by disappointment and worry when progress fails to come. At Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics we help you re-write the story of your child’s eating and your family’s mealtimes. We help you, your family and your medical team see the “Big Picture” and the way out. Understanding the foundations of eating and how to apply them to help your kid not only tolerate food but actually enjoy it is our specialty.

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The therapists at Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics combine their expertise with love and practical support to lead families and children to happy and healthy relationships with food. Feeding therapy works best when parents feel heard and therapists and families work together to foster progress in a child’s eating. The therapists at Thrive collaborate daily with doctors, dietitians, teachers and family members to create the safest and best plan for each child. We believe that trust and connection should be at the center of all feeding relationships. Thrive therapists are committed to helping your child achieve progress that lasts and lasts.

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In 2004 our owner Jennifer created Spectrum Pediatrics. From the very beginning helping kids learn how to eat successfully and joyfully was at the center of our work. When Jennifer and her colleagues began looking around at the therapy that was being offered to kids with feeding challenges something just didn’t feel right. It sparked a curiosity about how we could do this thing called feeding therapy in a more loving and lasting way. That curiosity turned into a calling when one little boy captured Jennifer’s heart. Since the birth of that very special little man, we haven’t stopped striving to provide expert feeding services that are rooted in love and scientific evidence. At Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics, our feeding specialty division, we help kids gain comfort and skill with food and create habits that will carry them long into a future of healthy eating. Every day at Thrive we help kids learn to eat and find joy in food and help families discover peace at the family table.

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