The therapists at Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics combine their expertise with love and practical support to lead families and children to happy and healthy relationships with food. Feeding interventions work best when parents feel heard and therapists and families work together to foster progress in a child’s eating. Our therapists have specialized training and expertise in coaching parents like you so that they can lead their kiddos to success and joy with food.

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With decades of experience under their belts, Thrive’s team of dedicated therapists are experts who have the tools and techniques to help your child overcome whatever feeding challenges they face. Using proven methods and strategies, we’re committed to making sure your kiddo learns to be successful with feeding and finds joy in eating that will carry them to a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

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Thrive’s groundbreaking Feeding Tube Weaning Program helps children move beyond feeding tube dependency to the freedom of eating by mouth. Our therapists work closely with you and your child’s physicians to create an individualized and evidence-based treatment plan that ensures your child’s ongoing success with food and feeding long after the tube. We offer in-person and virtual intensive tube weaning programs to meet every family’s unique needs and situations.

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