The History of My Eating

By: Evie Morse, Age 11, Feeding Superstar Most kids can quickly be born and start eating grown up foods, but not me! My mom was very sick. The doctor demanded that she should have me now, and she’d survive. It … Read More

Good Reads for January

Virginia Sole-Smith, author of the Eating Instinct and contributing editor for Parents Magazine is the author of both of our recommended reads for January! The Eating Instinct: Virginia Sole-Smith recently published her book, The Eating Instinct, where she talks about the focus on food … Read More

Why Kids SHOULD Play With Their Food

Play is the way kids learn. We know that linking play and experience helps to build the brain. Positive experiences with food allows the senses to acclimate to the touch, feel, smell, or sight of whatever they are experiencing. Independent … Read More

How to Choose a Tube Weaning Program

After the medical challenges that made a feeding tube necessary have been treated, many parents are left with the daunting task of weaning their child from tube use.  However, if you haven’t been successful in working existing medical teams, it is wise to seek the assistance … Read More

The Pressure of Praise: What else can I do?

As a feeding therapist, I always thought that I was being helpful when I “coached” children through their bites, cheered, and “whoo hoo-ed!” for all their eating attempts. I also observed well-meaning parents, grandparents and caregivers cheer, clap, and praise … Read More

The Thrive Team at the 2018 ASHA Convention

The Thrive team presented at the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association National conference this past weekend. The presentation focused on the three main areas of our home-based feeding therapy approach: self-regulation, the division of responsibility, and importance of family mealtimes. … Read More

Is It My Job to Make My Child Eat?

No, that is not your job. Yes, children and parents both have their own roles to play during mealtimes, but parents often get caught up in the idea that their job is to make sure their child eats what is … Read More

Feeding Tube to Family Table: How does that work?

Did you ever wonder why feeding therapy doesn’t look anything like the meals you hope to have?  We did too!  At Thrive, we believe that tube-fed kids need to learn to eat in the same safe way that other kids … Read More

ONE Thing You Can Do TODAY To Help Your Kids Become Healthy Eaters

Less. That’s right. Less. In today’s food-obsessed culture we often do too many well-meaning things to get our children to eat well instead of getting out of their way and letting them learn to eat well and enjoy food in the … Read More

A BETTER WAY THAN “POTATO PAY”: Why Bribery at Mealtimes is a Terrible Idea

By: Heidi Liefer Moreland, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

We are writing in response to the Ore-Ida “potato pay” ad campaign, in which they coach parents on how and how much to reward kids with French fries for eating their vegetables.  I am sure they mean well, and it … Read More